sometimes fantasy
becomes reality.

A luxurious, sumptuously decorated bar.

Within the iconic Adelphi Hotel is the perfect place to experience desserts that, quite literally, look like pieces of art and taste unimaginably delicious. At Om Nom, we aim to amaze each and every guest with our extraordinary menu – which also includes savoury dishes. But the wow factor isn’t just about what your taste buds will experience. We make it our mission to ensure that you leave just as blown away by our service and staff. Om Nom’s Executive Pastry Chef, Jo Ward, has such a flair for creativity – she’s been likened to Heston Blumenthal – presenting whimsical and theatrical desserts designed to engage more than just one sense. Jo puts to work her incredible skills to create magical culinary works of art. Ordering the degustation option is a great way to experience Om Nom favorites. And also be sure to try one of our delicious cocktails! We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Let’s Twist Again
A Palate Jive
Twist, turn, swing round and round – this mouth-watering dessert will delight at every spin. Inspired by an explore in the forest that felt like a dance with nature, the techniques involved in Jo Ward’s ‘Let’s Twist Again’ are almost as intricate as nature’s miracles. Engage the Senses.
Om Nom Apple Spritz
Om Nom Apple Spritz


Our core strength is our people: dedicated,
experienced and innovative professionals who work
as a team to bring your desserts to life. To talk to a
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